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Bardstown-Nelson County Airport
Samuels Field
1924-B Boston Rd
Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone: 502-252-1712

Samuels Field is located two miles southwest of Bardstown on Highway 62. The airport has a single paved lighted 5000 by 75 foot runway and parallel taxiway connecting about 4 acres of aircraft parking apron. The facilities at the airport consist of a Fixed Base Operator, visitor lobby, administration building, individual and conventional storage hangars, and an auto parking lot. There is also a 24 hour self-service 100LL Avgas and Jet A fuel pumping station which accepts credit cards.

The Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and airport manager is Bluegrass Aviation owned by Cory Johnson. As the FBO, Bluegrass Aviation coordinates all rental agreements for hangar space, aircraft fueling and any other available facilities. For more information on Bluegrass Aviation, call 502-348-2099.

Also based at the airport is the Louisville Soaring Club, a glider club that is very active during the summer months. The local Civil Air Patrol also meets at Samuels Field regularly.

Samuels Field is a municipal airport, however, it is totally governed by the Bardstown-Nelson County Airport Board. The main contact for all business dealings with the Airport or Airport Board is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Air Board, Mike Forsee.

For complete detailed and technical information, visit

Mike Forsee, Risk Manager, Secretery-Treasurer of the Bardstown-Nelson County Air Board Mike Forsee
Secretary-Treasurer of the Bardstown-Nelson Co. Air Board
(502) 252-1712