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Bardstown CemeteryThe Bardstown Cemetery was first established in 1852. It is maintained under the direction of the Mayor, Cemetery Sexton, and the Cemetery Committee.

Mary Riley, Bardstown's Cemetery Sexton, is responsible for the overall management of the cemetery. This includes selling grave spaces, record-keeping, accepting questions from the public, and forwarding complaints. Click here For Prices and Rules and Regulations. You may also contact Mary Riley.

Mary Riley, City Clerk, Cemetery Sexton

Mary Riley
City Clerk / Cemetery Sexton
(502) 348-5947


Current members of the Cemetery Committee include:

  • Richard Heaton , Mayor
  • Joe Buckman, Chairman / Councilman
  • Bill Sheckles, Councilman
  • Mary Riley, Sexton
  • Evelyn Oakley, Citizen-appointee

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With the mowing season in full swing, it is very important for the rules and regulations of the Bardstown Cemetery, especially those regarding articles and ornaments placed on the graves or monuments, to be enforced. For the safety of mowers and visitors alike, the Bardstown Cemetery Committee is asking that all articles and ornaments made of concrete, glass, etc. that are not permanently attached to the monument be removed. Any article that may hinder the safety, maintenance, or mowing around the site are not permitted. This includes flower arrangements and other articles that are placed in or on the ground. All vases and other arrangements that are permanently secured are considered acceptable. Once again, these rules and regulations are being enforced in an effort to keep our visitors and maintenance workers safe, especially during the mowing season. We hope to keep our cemetery looking nice and neat and cannot do so without your help. We ask that any article in question be picked up as soon as possible. If family and friends do not remove these items, the maintenance crew will pick up and discard them.

Thank you for your compliance,
The Bardstown Cemetery Committee