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Welcome! If you have any questions please call the Preservation Coordinator, L. Rashae Jennings at 502-348-5947 Ext. 2243 or email at I am here to help you with any questions you may have.

Bardstown is a Certified Local Government. The CLG program is administered through the partnership between City Government, The Kentucky Heritage Council, State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service. This partnership encourages protection of cultural resources and historic preservation.

The goals of the CLG program are to address and understand historic preservation issues on the local level, as well as regulating the historic overlay zone aesthetic and integrity. As part of the program, a review board is required, as are regulations for the historic overlay. Without these, there would be no grant funding. Activities, such as workshops and the Rehab, Restore, Renovate! Trades Fair, are administered through this grant. Information concerning local historic preservation issues is shared with the Kentucky Heritage Council and the public more readily through the CLG program. This close connection with the Heritage Council allows for more expertise and advice to be given to and used in the Bardstown Historic District.



CLG's apply for matching grants yearly for projects pertaining to historic preservation. In order for Bardstown to participate in the program, the City created and adopted a historic preservation ordinance (historic overlay zoning and historical review). These are created to enforce state and local legislation coinciding with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. The CLG must create and continue surveys and accommodate the public with assistance in National Register nominations and other information on preservation.








The CLG program is one of the main reasons Bardstown stays "The Most Beautiful Small Town in America".  The protection and assistance the CLG Program, Historic District, and Historical Review Board provides is beneficial for not only the aesthetic of our City, but also for property values and the integrity of Bardstown as a whole.






  • Economic Impact of Historical Preservation in Kentucky
  • Historic District Design Review Manual
  • Private Parking Sign Application
  • Private Parking Sign template
  • Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application
  • Demolition Checklist
  • Historic Overlay Zone
  • Free Preservation Workshops Information
  • Trades Fair March 25, 2017 Information
  • COA Application Checklist
  • COA Application Fees
  • 2017 Application Deadlines/Meetings for Historic Review Board


    Deadline 1/3/2017
    Meeting 01/17/2017
    City Council 01/24/2017
    Deadline 02/07/2017
    Meeting 02/21/2017
    City Council 02/28/2017
    Deadline 03/07/2017
    Meeting 03/21/2017
    City Council 03/28/2017
    Deadline 04/04/2017
    Meeting 04/18/2017
    City Council 04/25/2017
    Deadline 05/02/2017
    Meeting 05/16/2017
    City Council 05/23/2017
    Deadline 06/06/2017
    Meeting 06/20/2017
    City Council 06/27/2017
    Deadline 07/04/2017
    Meeting 07/18/2017
    City Council 07/25/2017
    Deadline 08/01/2017
    Meeting 08/15/2017
    City Council 08/22/2017
    Deadline 09/05/2017
    Meeting 09/19/2017
    City Council 09/26/2017
    Deadline 10/03/2017
    Meeting 10/17/2017
    City Council 10/24/2017
    Deadline 11/07/2017
    Meeting 11/21/2017
    City Council 11/28/2017
    Deadline 12/05/2017
    Meeting 12/19/2017
    City Council 12/26/2017