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Water Treatment Plant

The City of Bardstown Water Treatment Plant has provided clean water for drinking and bathing since 1904. It now has the capacity to pump 8 million gallons per day. During months with little rainfall, water can be pumped from the Beech Fork River to holding lagoons at the rate of 6 million gallons per day to supplement the lake. The treatment plant is located on Boston Road, beside Sympson Lake.


  • 1903- The City begins treating its water.

  • 1904- Water is pumped from the new plant on East Broadway, now the Civil War Museum. During months of drought, water was hauled by truck to the treatment plant.

  • 1944- A permanent line to the Beech Fork River was installed to supplement the lake.

  • 1963- Sympson lake construction was complete with a capacity to handle 1.2 billion gallons

  • 1965- The current water treatment plant opened with a pumping capacity of two million gallons daily.

  • 2010- The treatment plant can now pump up to 8 million gallons per day.


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