Why Is Public Participation and Involvement Necessary?

EPA believes that the public can provide valuable input and assistance to a regulated small MS4’s municipal stormwater management program and, therefore, suggests that the public be given opportunities to play an active role in both the development and implementation of the program. An active and involved community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program because it allows for:

  1. Broader public support since citizens who participate in the development and decision making process are partially responsible for the program and, therefore, may be less likely to raise legal challenges to the program and more likely to take an active role in its implementation;

  2. Shorter implementation schedules due to fewer obstacles in the form of public and legal challenges and increased sources in the form of citizen volunteers;

  3. A broader base of expertise and economic benefits since the community can be available, and free, intellectual resource; and

  4. A conduit to other programs as citizens involved in the stormwater program development process provide important cross-connections and relationships with other community and government programs. This benefit is particularly valuable when trying to implement a stormwater program on a watershed basis, as encouraged by EPA.

What Bardstown is Doing?

Stormwater Call Log: The City of Bardstown maintains a phone helpline and updates this website as needed for residents to identify water quality problems and/or concerns. Calls received are tracked through a database to document information received from the public.

Review Community Survey: The City will review the results of the statewide stormwater program survey conducted through KYTC and KEEC. The City will incorporate the survey results into the public outreach strategy and report the results to the Tree Board and City elected officials.

Community Clean-up Events: The City will promote and facilitate community clean up events, such as the Salt River Watershed Watch group and the annual Cemetery Clean-up Day.

Recycling Program:
The City encourages community participation in the local recycling program through this website and public service announcements. Read more >>

Public Notice and Information Dissemination: The City promotes stormwater public involvement opportunities as they arise in the community. The City updates this website as needed and provides press releases to the local paper to inform the public.

Promote Adopt-A-Highway Program:
The City encourages volunteer Adopt-A-Highway participation. If you would like to participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program, please contact, City Hall, at (502) 348-5947.

City staff lead interested organizations on watershed cleanups: If you are interested in conducting a cleanup or curb marking activity, contact Jessica Filiatreau at (502) 348-5947 or by email at jhfiliatreau@bardstowncable.net.