Stormwater is the rain and snow that run off rooftops, sidewalks, roads and other surfaces that are impervious, or unable to absorb water. As stormwater runoff washes over roads and yards, it picks up pollutants such as motor oil, pet waste, fertilizer and litter. The stormwater goes into our storm drains which discharge the water, untreated, into our creeks and streams along with litter and pollutants. This can harm water quality and make our creeks and streams unfit for swimming, fishing and supporting aquatic life. Stormwater can also pose problems with water quantity. When rainwater runs over impervious surfaces such as roads and rooftops, it picks up speed and is not absorbed into the ground. This can lead to erosion, which decreases soil quality and leads to sediment pollution in waterways. Bardstown’s Engineering Department is tasked with protecting water quality and managing stormwater issues in our community.