Why Is Public Education and Outreach Necessary?

An informed and knowledgeable community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program since it helps to ensure the following:


What is Bardstown Doing?

The City of Bardstown engages in several activities to educate the general public and target audiences of stormwater quality impacts. The primary focus of the City's public education campaign will include:

  1. Continuing broadcasting public service announcements on various stormwater topics.
    • The City Civil Engineer has met with local newspaper reporters for stories relating to the new stormwater ordinance.
  2. Continually updating the public on the latest stormwater quality information via the City of Bardstown Stormwater website.
  3. Educating elected officials about the Stormwater Quality Management Plan and its implementation.
    • In the summer of 2011, the City Civil Engineer prepared and presented a slideshow to the Mayor and City Council explaining stormwater regulations. This was in preparation of the adoption of a comprehensive stormwater management ordinance.
    • The City Civil Engineer met with local engineers and developers to explain the new and existing stormwater regulations.
  4. Participating in the Kentucky Stormwater Association (KSA).